Hosting a Group

If you are interested in only being a host, then you can sign up with your phone number below. Once verified, please reach out to us so that we can help set up account up and group. Contact Us at [email protected]

Bridged is a platform that allows any host to create their own group for their select community.

Being a Host

Only interested in becoming a host, please contact us so that we can help you get set up. Contact Us

If you want to join other groups and be a host, then please download the app and sign up. You will then be able to add a group directly via the application.

Anyone can be a host and create a group!

If you created a group via the app reach out to us for a custom link for your group. Contact Us

Create Group

How To Create a Group

Visit the group tab, and click the “+ Create Group” button.
Note: You can edit any of your group's information at anytime.

How To Invite & Accept Members

Accepting Requests

  1. Your managed groups will show a red circle to display the number of requests pending from members trying to join your group.
  2. In order to accept requests, click on the “Requests” tab and you can click the accept or reject button.

Inviting Members

  1. Select “Invite” from top right of managed group.
  2. Allow contacts permission, the only way to add member's to your group directly is via your phone's contact book.
  3. Click invite next to the contact's name. If a member is on the platform it will send them an invite, otherwise a text message will open and allow you to share your group's link.
  4. Also, you can share the group link with others who are not in your contact book, and they will be able to quickly find your group and request to join.
Invite to Group
Promoting an Admin

How to add Admins & Moderators

  1. Users need to be members of the group, so they must join the group.
  2. Visit the “Members” tab in your manged group view.
  3. Click on the user that you want to promote to admin or moderator.
    • Admins will be able to view members of the group, promote members to moderators, and kick members as well.
    • Moderators will be able to only accept and reject new group requests.
Note: Hosts, Admins and Moderators may opt out of the dating pool by checking/unchecking the “Join Dating Pool” checkbox.

Growing your Group

Tips for Getting More Members

Users may find your group via search organically if you select a title that connects with your target.

As a host you will be able to invite members from your contact book to your groups or add admins and moderators to help you invite others via their contact books.

You can share your unique group's link across your social networks, events, and contacts to allow users to easily find, share and request to join.

Reach out to us for a custom link for your group. Contact Us

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